Yearly Archives: 2003

Boxwood Gulch Fishing Report for Fri, 31 Oct 2003

Fishing continues to be fantastic.The following is a report from Ben E. the angler in the photo holding his huge Rainbow. “Last Thursday my father and I had the pleasure of meeting and fishing with John Hagen, of Hagen Outdoors, at Boxwood Gulch. I have been fly fishing for 9 years and have been on […]

Boxwood Gulch Fishing Report for Sun, 12 Oct 2003

Terry and Ryan are holding a really big Rainbow, 23 inches and about 7 pounds, caught on a black Pheasant Tail while fishing at Long Meadow with their guide, John Hagen. This photo is a perfect example of the fishing during August…September and October. Bright and colorful and plenty of big fish landed on the […]

Boxwood Gulch Fishing Report for Sun, 06 Jul 2003

What a day. Ten great anglers visited Boxwood and experienced a trully phenomenal day of fishing and good times. I think every one of them landed fish nearly as large as the one Terry and Patti are holding. The “Alaskan statement” was mentioned several times that day…”you don’t have to travel to Alaska to catch […]

Boxwood Gulch Fishing Report for Mon, 30 Jun 2003

June fishing….simply put it was great. After 13 years in the business we have found some of the best guides in Colorado. They can catch fish in any kind of condition that there is. They know our water. All of the June trips we had produced tremendous numbers of fish and some really big ones. […]

Boxwood Gulch Fishing Report for Thu, 29 May 2003

What a great way to wrap up a phenomenal month of fishing. Karen is holding a 23 inch Rainbow that she landed with the help of her guide, John Hagen. Karen and her friends and husband had the best day of fishing ever! How many fish like this did they land….Too many to count. Jim […]

Boxwood Gulch Fishing Report for Sat, 24 May 2003

May has been one heck of a month for great fishing at Boxwood.The month started out with low water and unreal dry fly action. Run-off started after several hot days at mid-month so we went back to nymphing in the morning and drys and streamers in the afternoon. High water is at mid-night and after […]

Boxwood Gulch Fishing Report for Sat, 19 Apr 2003

Andy E. and guide, Tad Howard, from Colorado Fly Fishing Adventures, thought they were in Alaska. So many huge trout and only 60 minutes from Denver. The Bridge Hole and the Convention Center stretch have been producing 22-26 inch monster trout on nearly every trip. In fact the entire Boxwood Section has been fishing absolutely […]

Boxwood Gulch Fishing Report for Wed, 09 Apr 2003

Derek M. is holding a great looking Rainbow. His guide John Hagen seems equally impressed. Derek and Scott fished Boxwood one Tuesday in April and landed all kinds of fish on dry flies.Usually, both anglers have skates on and work on top of the water for “The Avalanche.” They took a break and gave the […]

Boxwood Gulch Fishing Report for Thu, 27 Mar 2003

This fish is representative of what winter fishing can yield. Howard fishes both Boxwood and Long Meadow both in the winter and during our regular season. He usually catches fish like this one and bigger. His favorite guides work out of the Blue Quill Angler in Evergreen. The winter season is just about wrapped up. […]

Boxwood Gulch Fishing Report for Sun, 23 Feb 2003

Mills is holding a nice 23 inch Bow he landed in the Oxbow at Boxwood.The fish took a #22 red Copper John fished with a chartreuse micro egg. The following is taken from an excellent fishing report that Brian Austin of The Hatch sent me. It sums up the fishing this winter from a guide […]