Boxwood Gulch Fishing Report for Mon, 30 Nov 2009

Our last trip for 2009 was on 11-27-09 at Long Meadow. After that date we had to cancel some trips due to low water and ice.

The good news is that the fish will get a much deserved rest and be bigger and battle ready this coming Spring. So feel free to book a spring trip at any time. Your outfitter/guide will keep you up to date on current conditions.

November fishing was quite good even though we did have some poor weather and low water conditions. Anglers landed a lot of Brown Trout. Some times as many as 50% of the fish landed were Browns up to 28+ inches. Now that’s a big Brown. Of course plenty of the others were in the 22-24 inch range.
Rainbows and Cuts were plenty active as well with numerous 5-8 lb fish landed on each trip and even some monsters in the 9-11 lb range.

Our rates are lower from November though March so its a great way to fish Boxwood or Long Meadow and find out for yourself what a rewarding experience winter fishing can be.

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