High water means big fish

Photo by Pat Dorsey
Photo by Pat Dorsey

Fishing/catching has remained good to excellent, at both Boxwood Gulch and Long Meadow, especially for larger trout. The off colored high water has enabled anglers to get right on top of the fish.
Some remarkable Trout have been landed in the last 10 days….24 inch Browns, 26 inch Bows, 16 inch Brookies, 20 inch Palomino Rainbows, 16 inch Snake River Cuts, 14 inch Rio Grande Cuts.

Don’t be put off by the news reports of flooding and raging waters. Most of that is happening way down stream on most of the larger river drainages.
While our water is high…just slightly above normal for this time of the year, our guides/outfitters will be able to get you into fish.



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