Many big fish landed in May

Wes landed this Boxwood Bow on a Breadcrust pattern provided by his guide Pat Dorsey…Pat also took the photo.
Thank you Pat and Wes for sharing the information.

May has always been one of our most outstanding months in terms of catching large fish. This May was not an exception. I would not be exaggerating at all to say that over 150 Trout were landed that exceeded 9-10 pounds each.

Quite a few Big Browns in the 6-8 lb range, Brookies 16-18 inch, Tigers to 22 inch, Rio Grande Cuts and Yellow Stone Cuts up to 22 inches were also landed.

Were all the fish landed this big? No. Anglers were kept plenty busy landing lots of fish in the 16-18 inch range … Long Meadow results were equally Impressive … I think more large Browns were landed at LMR.

The best bugs were San Juan Worms, Breadcrust, leeches in various colors — black was the best, streamers, Wooly Buggers, Pheasant Tails, and eggs of all varieties.

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