Early December 2016 Fishing Report


This 25 inch Bow took a #20 Black Rainbow Warrior. Mike was extremely happy with his decision to do a winter fishing trip at Boxwood….You will be too.
While we have been having some cold days the fish have been extremely cooperative. Days of 15 to 20 fish per angler have not been uncommon. Many comments about how the days have been “just as good as a summer trip”.
We have plenty of gin clear water. So much of the fishing has been sight fishing to huge 8-12 lb Trout. No ice in the way so you can see these spectacular fish quite easily.
Call one of our outfitters and sign up for a winter trip. The clubhouse is warm and cozy. The coffee is hot and the patio and fire pit provide a nice spot to share the pics of the fish you landed and the stories of the “big one” that got away.


Dan Mauritz


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