Late May/Early June Fishing Report

Fishing has been quite good since we reopened on May 14th. Some run-off has finally started so our flows have been inching upward each day. Water is off colored but anglers are hooking up with fish…some days a lot of fish.

We had a group of 12 anglers here for 3 days this past week… they come every year (Which may I say is a wonderful tradition to start with your friends and family members.). Anyway, each day their group landed lots of fish, some days close to 200 fish….Guided by 5280 Angler. Max is part of this group and he landed this gorgeous Rainbow…check out the tail on this beauty.

Your guides will have the flies that are working but feel free to bring your favorite creations. I encourage you to bring along someone who you would like to see get into fly fishing. Boxwood Gulch and Long Meadow is the best place you can bring a beginner.


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