15 Reasons to Fish at Boxwood Gulch / Long Meadow

  1. Plenty of trophy-sized trout.
  2. The average size fish landed is 18-20 inches. Some Bows will exceed 27″, Browns: 24, Brookies: 17, Tigers: 15.
  3. Easy river access—no long hikes over rough terrain.
  4. Only 60 minutes from downtown Denver via State Hwy. 285—no jeep trails.
  5. A combination of wild fish, spawned fish, and stocked fish make the fishing challenging enough for the expert yet friendly enough for the novice.
  6. The Clubhouse facility makes fishing even in “poor weather” a nice experience, and the shelter and porta potty at Long Meadow come in handy at times.
  7. Many different species of trout can be caught all in the same day: Rainbows, Cutbows, Cutthroats, Browns, Brookies, Tigers, Steelhead, Palomino.
  8. The river is wader friendly. No moss, no weeds, and no over your head water. But still very challenging rapids, pools and riffles.
  9. Nearly 1 mile of fishable water and you will get to fish all of it…not just 1 beat.
  10. Club Car so everyone no matter their mobility challenge can get around the entire property.
  11. Handicap toilet facilities.
  12. Ponds filled with various species of Trout.
  13. Patio and fire pit for entertaining your guests.
  14. WI-FI so you can stay connected…if you want to.
  15. Total Privacy- Boxwood section: If your group is 10 or more only your group will be fishing the property. If fewer than 10 anglers we may add anglers. They will have their own guide and share the property independent of your group. At Long Meadow section, you may see a few other anglers not in your group.

This list was compiled from listening to angler comments on why they will be back. We hope that we get to meet and photograph you, with your trophy trout.


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