The Wait Is Over

We have great water….100 cfs from Dillon Reservoir and 20 cfs from snow melt.Clarity is very good…you can see the bottom in 3-4 feet of water…not gin clear but perfect for fishing. We will be opening on May 3 with great water and lots of quality fish…see you this season.

Waiting for more water

Snow melt will help but it hasn’t started yet. Denver Water says that “they expect to turn on Roberts Tunnel within the next 2 -3 weeks”. All good, with fingers crossed, we will be open by May 1. Thank you for fishing at Boxwood/Long Meadow…we appreciate your business. Dan Mauritz

Waiting For Spring

We are closed until the ice and snow melt and we get enough water for quality fishing trips. Based on our past 34 years in the business we think will be able to open sometime around late April or early May. While we wait we are opening up more angler access, improving trails, fixing equipment […]

Finally Getting Some Snow!

Well…we are finally getting some snow. Feeling sorry and sad for the folks in the Boulder area who lost their homes and more. They needed this snow a couple of days ago. It’s looking like we will be closed until late April or early May. Until then we will be taking reservations and improving some angler […]

Boxwood 2021 Seasonal closure

Boxwood seasonal closure started December 1. Sorry to report that we must close for the season on December 1 until Spring of 2022. We will update on when we can open again ASAP. All we can do now is take your reservation for the 2022 season. Anglers wonder why we have to close, and here […]

Boxwood Is Open Again…

And the fishing is back to Boxwood expectations: Very good to excellent. 2021 has been quite a year but we were finally able to reopen on May 14 and since then the fishing has been great. Run off is providing plenty of water and the fish are doing just fine. Denver Water has opened Roberts […]

Boxwood/Long Meadow Closing Until May 1

First the bad news… We must close fishing until May 1 (my best guess) Denver Water just shut off our water supply from Dillon Reservoir…they don’t need the water in Denver. Natural flow is quite low because our run-off from snow melt has not started yet. We will reopen for trips as soon as we […]

Opening Again on October 15

We have plenty of Gin clear water and lots of fish. After our 8 week temporary closure due to low water we are now open again.(Denver Water says they will run water all winter) The fish look great, the clubhouse is warm and cozy, and the patio and firepit are ready for fish stories and […]