Mountain Meadow Wild Hay

Hay Fields


We cut hay on about 40 acres of irrigated and sub-irrigated fields.

Our ranch is located right next to the North Fork of the South Platte River so we have ideal conditions … most years … to grow fantastic Mountain Grass Hay.

Why Buy Our Hay

Quality hay at a competitive price … and you are supporting the following: open space, wild animals, birds of all kinds, local family ranching, clean air and water, and everything good about living in this area.

Pricing and availablity … Call Dan at 303-838-2465.


Irrigation … We use flood irrigation – no energy other than our own hard work is utilized in irrigating our fields. Any extra water goes right back into the river.
Grass mixture … The grasses in our fields are all native grasses of the following varieties: Ryegrass, Timothy, Wheatgrass, Brome, Fescue, Orchard Grass, and a small amount of clover. The mixture will vary in different areas of the field/fields.
Weeds … We hand spray for various weeds in early Spring/Summer. We use a product called Curtail. We use it on our grazing pastures to and we turn our horses and cattle back on the pastures 7 days after spraying.
Fertilizer … We use a 38-12 mixture in early spring. We apply it very carefully in just the amount we need.
Bale Size … Our bales measure 18X36 inches. They weigh about 65-70 lbs. each. The weight will vary depending on the season and how long the hay has been drying.


Barn Stored … If you don’t get your hay from us in the field then we store it here, out of the rain and elements, until you can pick it up. Notice the large drive in doors. Expect to pay more for barn stored hay because of the labor involved with handling/storing the hay.

Delivery … We are sorry but we can not deliver. There are trucking outfits that will deliver but you need to find them on your own. A full size pick up will carry about 20-25 bales.


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