Boxwood Gulch

Considered by many to be the premier private property on which to fish for trophy sized Trout in the Rocky Mountain area. This property has been managed for quality fly fishing, by the same owner, since 1988.

Over the years the nearly one mile of river has been gradually tweaked to provide great habitat for the fish that call Boxwood Gulch their home.

A trip to Boxwood will give you an opportunity to fish for many different species of trout of extraordinary quality and size. You might think at times that these kinds of fish only exist in places like Alaska or beyond but just review the 20 years of fishing reports on the Boxwood web site to see what a well managed fishery can produce.

Breakfast and Lunch
Check with your Guide/Outfitter about meeting times, meeting places, breakfast and lunch or any other special requirements that you may have. If you book the Boxwood section lunch will be provided at the Clubhouse. All of our authorized guides and outfitters will be able to accommodate your requests.
4 and 5 weight, medium fast rods are suggested, backed with disc drag reels. Floating line and 4x or 5x leaders and tippets. Waist high waders allow anglers to access 90% of the water, with chest high needed only for the brave at heart. Bring your polarized sunglasses because you will be sight fishing for “monster trout” in crystal clear water. Rain gear is always a good idea.
Dry fly action starts in late March and lasts through early October. Boxwood Gulch guides suggest that clients use their confidence patterns. Suggested dry patterns are mostly attractors such as Royal Wulffs, Stimulators, Trude Wing Coachmen, Hoppers and Caddis in sizes from #14 to #8s. Special Boxwood Patterns such as Olive Death Gold Prince nymphs, Turks Tarantula, Bite Me, and many others are available for purchase in seasonal selections from our Authorized Outfitters.
Winter Fishing
Winter months can offer some of the best nymph fishing in the Rocky Mountain range, because of the mild conditions, we fish in what is referred to as the “Bailey Banana Belt.” Stone flies, Wooly Buggers, and other nymph patterns can yield an angler a 20 fish day. A quick warm up in the clubhouse will let you get right back in the river for more action.
Streamer Fishing
Streamer fishing is a year round affair at Boxwood Gulch. Because of the competition between approximately 2000 fish on less than 1 mile of river, Streamer patterns such as Spruce streamers and sculpins can trigger savage strikes that will make even the most experienced anglers tighten their drag.
The combination of natural spawned trout and fish raised in our own ponds provides anglers an unforgettable outing of both shrewd selective trout and friendly receptive fish, that will test his or her tippet to the max.

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