Release of Liability

Thanks for your interest in fishing at Boxwood Gulch. If you’ve come here from the booking page your next step is to fill out the Release of Liability below.


There are two ways to fill out the Boxwood Gulch Release of Liability.

  1. You can fill out and e-sign the online document below
  2. you can download and sign the PDF version of the same form, then bring it with you when you come.

Note: We do not sell this information. Please fill out the form completely.

Release of Liability

I recognize that there are substantial risks of physical injury, property damage and even death associated with fishing, hunting, shooting, firewood cutting, hiking, swimming, horseback riding and any or all of the other activities made available to me and which I might undertake while on Boxwood Gulch Ranch and/or Long Meadow Ranch (collectively, the “Property”), including but not limited to the following: unexpected and unpredictable actions of animals, fish and insects; falling rocks; slippery rocks; unstable stream banks; slippery and uneven terrain not readily visible or marked; slippery bridges and roads; rivers, water hazards and holes, including flooding caused by the sudden and unexpected release of water into the river by others (such as the Denver Water Board); the use of vehicles; the use of hooks, line, knives, rods, reels, waders, boots, guns, ammunition, bows and arrows and other sporting equipment; risks created by faulty equipment; the use and presence of ranch equipment; weather related hazards including lightning, sun, hail, snow, wind, rain and floods; and other risks, both known and unknown, expected and unexpected, associated with any and all of the activities which I will be engaging in while on the Property, including risks created by my own inexperience and/or negligence, and the inexperience and/or negligence of others, including the guides or outfitters, if any, who may accompany me.

In consideration of being allowed access to the Property, on behalf of myself, my family and my heirs and personal representatives, I HEREBY EXPRESSLY ASSUME THE RISKS OF THE ACTIVITIES I WILL BE ENGAGING IN, AND EXPRESSLY RELEASE BOXWOOD GULCH RANCH LLC AND DANIEL MAURITZ, MANAGER, THE KAREN L. MAURITZ TRUST AND KAREN MAURITZ, TRUSTEE, LONG MEADOW RANCH LLLP, AND, ROBERT OSTERTAG, MANAGER, and any other persons or entities having an interest in Boxwood Gulch Ranch or Long Meadow Ranch, together with their agents, employees, representatives, officers, directors, owners or shareholders (the “Released Parties”) from any and all liability for injury or damages to me arising out of the activities I undertake while on the Property, or arising out of the matters described above, or arising out of my own inexperience or negligence, the inexperience or negligence of any guides or outfitters who may accompany me, or the inexperience or negligence of the Released Parties, or from any breach of warranty by the Released Parties.

This Waiver of Liability shall constitute a continuing waiver and release, and shall apply to each and every visit I make to the Property without my need to renew or resign this Waiver, until such time as I deliver an express, written revocation of this Waiver to Daniel Mauritz, in care of Boxwood Gulch Ranch, Box 218 – Shawnee, CO 80475


We do not sell this information. Please fill out the form completely.

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