Winter at Boxwood Gulch

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Why Winter at Boxwood Gulch?

  • Lots of fish and lots of BIG FISH
  • 7 different species of all different size Trout … makes for an interesting day
  • You have a very good chance of landing a real trophy
  • Did we mention really BIG FISH?


  • Heated clubhouse … cozy
  • Indoor plumbing … especially nice when needed
  • Patio and fire pit … fish stories during happy hour
  • Big screen TV … watch your favorite game
  • WI-FI


At Boxwood Gulch it’s not just about the fish. We partner with the best guides in the Rockies to make sure your trip to Boxwood is the best it can be. Look over our Authorized Outfitters now to enjoy special low winter rates.

Why the fishing is so good

  • Gin clear water … sight fish for 10 lb Trout
  • Nearly 3 miles of private water
  • Diversity of river … Challenging enough for experts and plenty of areas friendly enough for beginners

Excellent and Accessible

  • Close to Denver on well maintained State Hwy 285. You can fish all day and still be home in time for dinner
  • Accessible: No mountain goat skills required to get to the water
  • Well maintained property roads and trails
  • For the mobility challenged the Boxwood Club Car is at your disposal.




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