Boxwood Gulch Fishing Report for Sat, 02 Apr 2005

April fishing continued to be excellent. The Garcia family and their friend Steve had a fantastic trip on 4-2-05.

3 Rainbows caught at the same time!!!TRIPLE PLAY. Joe, Eric, And Steve. All the fish were caught on an olive RS2 and an olive Zebra Midge. The flow was 95cfs.
Eric sent me a nice photo of a big fish with a herd of Deer in the background. Not often that that can happen.

After the Garcia family were here the water flow was cut back to about 30cfs…very low. This will last until 4-18-05 per Denver Water Board.

The low water has congregated the fish and the Dry Fly fishing with big bugs is out of this world.
This river can be different every day. Our guides know how to fish in all kinds of situations so there is always something to be learned on each trip.

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