October Fishing Report

Fall at Boxwood
Fall at Boxwood

I figured we have plenty of Big fish pics all over our website so I picked this one of an angler fishing for his trophy….which btw he later landed.

We just finished a wonderful month of October. Plenty of excellent water and lots and lots of really big fish landed.
30+ inch Bows, 24 + inch Browns, 16+ inch Brookies, 14 inch Tigers, 20+ inch Cutthroats. Of course some of the larger fish broke off.

Some hot flies…Rainbow Warriors, Copper Johns, PT’S, black, white, and olive streamers.

We have received some extra water via Roberts Tunnel so it looks like we will be open possibly thru Thanksgiving.
Some of our outfitters are offering reduced winter rates. The clubhouse is warm and cozy and the fire pit will be on.
Book a trip and find out for yourself just how nice a winter trip at Boxwood can be.



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