September Fishing Report

Guide releasing a 32" Bow

This pic is Jeremy from 5280 releasing a 32 inch Boxwood Bow for his client. (The fish was caught at Long Meadow) These are the kind of pics we like to see.

It seems like we have a large population of 30-32 inch Bows and 22-24 inch Browns mixed in with lots of 18-22 inch fish of all species.

We received some extra water on 9-3-15 via Roberts Tunnel. Over the month Denver Water ran the Tunnel at 50 to 250 CFS. This extra “Tunnel Water” made all the difference in terms of great fishing. We can only hope that Denver Water continues to run the Tunnel. If so we will be able to stay open at least through November…..and the fishing will be great. If they shut the water off we will need to close due to low water and ice.

Some examples of recent trips:

  • 9-27….2anglers at Long Meadow landed 50 … largest a 7 lb Bow.
  • 9-26…16 anglers at both properties landed 240+ … largest 25 inch 9lb Bow.
  • 9-25…3 anglers at Long Meadow landed 50+ … largest a 10 lb Bow.
  • 9-24…7 anglers at Boxwood landed 75 … largest a 25 inch Bow.
  • 9-20…11 anglers at Boxwood landed 125 … largest fish in the river a 15 lb Bow

They also reported landing Tigers, Cutbows, Cutthroats, Brooks and Browns.

Will your trip be like the above?…We hope so. It might be even better … who knows.

Call one of our skilled outfitters, book a trip and find out for yourself what really great fly fishing can be.


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