March Fishing Report


Imagine having this brute on the other end of your fly line. Hooked on a #20 nymph. Brian from Blue Quill put his client Frank onto this monster Bow and then the fight was on. Notice the nose on the fish is rubbed raw. The Big Bows at Boxwood dig out their own food from the river gravel (They are always hungry).

Fishing was really good in March with lots of 24-30 inch fish landed. We did have some foul weather days but the fish didn’t seem to mind. The clubhouse and fire pit provided the anglers a cozy place to warm up. We expect fishing to continue to get better as the days get warmer.

Opening day at Long Meadow was April 1 (Long Meadow has been closed since October 6th). The fish have not seen an angler for 6 months. I expect they are ready to give you a fight.


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