Boxwood/Long Meadow temporarily closed starting on March 15

We regret to announce that Denver Water has unexpectedly decided to turn off the Roberts Tunnel. As a result, Boxwood Gulch Ranch will be temporarily closed to fishing in order to rest the trout during low water conditions. The low water exposes the fish to reduced oxygen levels and higher concentrations of heavy metals, as well as increases exposure to predators. Lengthy exposure to these conditions can result in fish mortality. We don’t want to add any additional stress by catching them during this unfortunate low water period. We will re-open as soon as the tunnel opens or natural runoff raises flows to a minimum of 50 cfs.

Anglers with trips currently on the spring calendar: please contact your outfitter with regard to your specific date.

The explanation given for this sudden, untimely, and unfortunate decision is that Denver Water does not need the water in Denver, so they are sending it out to California.

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback regarding flows from the Roberts Tunnel, please contact or call Denver Water at 303-893-2444.


Other Denver Water contact information


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