Mid March Fishing Report

Between snow storms and cold night time temps we had some unreal fishing trips at Boxwood and Long Meadow. A few examples as follows:

2-27-193 anglers120 landed30 inch Bow6 species landed
2-28-196 anglers200 landed30 inch Bow
3-07-198 anglers150 landed28 inch Bow5 species landed
3-08-1911 anglers130 landed27 inch Bow6 species landed

While the big Bows are usually the longest trout landed, plenty of other large species are caught as well: 24 inch+ Browns, 20 inch Palominos, 18 inch Tigers, 16 inch Brookies, 22 inch Cutthroats, and 26 inch CutBows. Lots of reports of much larger fish breaking off.

Then we got the bad news…Denver Water is turning off Roberts Tunnel because they don’t need the water in Denver. The closure of the Tunnel will reduce flows to just a mere 10+cfs until we get some snow melting and run off. We need warm temps for that to happen. Until then Boxwood and Long Meadow will stay closed. (The fish don’t need any more stress while they cope with poor water conditions.) We will open again when we have 50 cfs of natural flow and or the Tunnel is flowing water from Dillon reservoir.

See you soon as possible…Dan


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