July Fishing Report

The fishing was fantastic all through July until July 21 when we had to close due to poor water quality.

We noticed the fish, once caught, did not recover from the stress of battle and others just shut down and refused to play. We figured the best solution was to just temporarily shut down until conditions improved.

The water quality issue is the result of Denver Water not running water into this river system from Dillon Reservoir via Roberts Tunnel. They have commitments to other states and can’t run water to Denver unless their customers need it. I say make us all customers and give us some water. “Fat Chance”. (When we don’t have water from Dillon the heavy metal concentration in the water goes up which is not good for fish. The heavy metals come from old mining operations at the headwaters of the river.) If you know someone at the EPA please call them.

Anyway, we will reopen once we get some water which we hope is in August. Thanks for understanding the situation.

Jan landed this nice Brown on a size 18 dry fly on the day before we closed.


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