Boxwood Gulch Fishing Report for Mon, 24 Jun 2002

Julie and her husband, Shawn, visited Boxwood and had a very memorable day. The fish Julie and guide John Hagen are holding is a 25 inch 10 pound + Rainbow.
The interesting thing is that prior to landing this “Monster” Julie battled several bigger fish and the fish won. Shawn fought some of the “Big Boys” and won some and lost a few as well.
On a more civilized note many smaller fish in the 12” to 20 “ size range were landed on small mayfly patterns. The dry fly fishing has been spotty but getting better every day.
We are starting to see some Green Drake activity late in the day and the Caddis are still hatching.
If you want to catch some big fish with out going to Alaska, book a day at Boxwood. Chances are good that you will be in a photo like this.

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