Boxwood Gulch Fishing Report for Sat, 30 Apr 2011

Check out the size of the net and then the size of the fish. That’s a huge Rainbow and plenty this size and bigger were landed at Boxwood and Long Meadow in April.

Anglers averaged landing about 20-25 fish each with each angler landing some trophy sized Bows and Browns. Trophy sized means Trout larger than 24 inches.

Imagine having a real chance at landing 28 inch Browns, 30 inch Rainbows, 18 inch Brook Trout, 24 inch Cutthroats, 20 inch Palomino Rainbows. Fish this size were landed in April.

Read the May, June, July, and August fishing reports for a taste of what you can expect then contact one of our quality outfitters and arrange a trip. You will be pleased with your decision.

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