Boxwood Gulch Fishing Report for Sun, 24 Jul 2011

Jay Baichi holding a 20 inch Brook Trout his client, John, landed at Long Meadow on July 16th. John fished for a 1/2 day and landed about 25 fish including a huge 25 inch Bow.

Where else can you fish for fish like these and be home with your family for Dinner….if you live along the Front Range of Colorado?

Not only are anglers landing some huge fish as in 27 inch Browns, 28 inch Bows, 23 inch Cuts, 20 inch Brooks, they are landing lots of fish. And losing some really large fish. When fish get this big they have been at Boxwood/Long Meadow for years, perhaps their entire lives.They know every trick in the book or they wouldn’t have survived this long.

Call one of our great outfitters and reserve a date. Your guide will have everything you need to land fish like these.

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