Boxwood Gulch Fishing Report for Fri, 16 Sep 2011

Kristen and her friends landed lots of fish like this big Bow using every technique in the book of fishing secrets. Of course I managed to miss getting shots of the really big fish.

Streamers, Nymphs, and dry flies all worked well in September.
Anglers landed some huge fish and they all looked beautiful….the anglers and the fish.
A definition of huge at Boxwood is as follows…..28 inch Browns, 30 inch Bows, 28 inch CutBows, 20 inch Rio Grande Cutthroats, 22 inch Snake River Cutthroats, 20 inch Brook Trout and the rare 21 inch Tiger.
Some days all of the above are landed. You need to be here to have it happen to you.

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