Boxwood Gulch Fishing Report for Sun, 30 Apr 2006

Fishing is great.
The following are some Fishing Report results from April.

April 1, 4 anglers, Boxwood, 95 landed, largest 26 inch Bow.
April 2, Long Meadow, 2 anglers, 40 landed, largest 20 inch Bow.
April 8, 7 anglers, both sections, 240 landed, largest 7 lb. Bow.
April 15, 4 anglers, Long Meadow, 60 landed, largest 19 inch Bow.
April 29, 5 anglers, Boxwood, 75 landed, largest 6 lb. CutBow.
April 30, 4 anglers, Long Meadow, 80 landed, largest 5 lb. Donaldson.

This is very representative of what you can expect in April. Flow rates were 40-250cfs. The weather was mountain Spring weather…snow, rain, cold, hot,sunny, overcast all during the same day. 20-30% of these fish were caught on the top, the rest were hooked on nymphs and streamers. Your guide will have the correct bugs.

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