Boxwood Gulch Fishing Report for Sat, 17 Mar 2007

Our first anglers of the year. A group of 12 guided by the folks at The Blue Quill Angler. What a day they are having. Usually the fish are a little slow first thing in the morning but not today. I watched one angler land 5 fish in about 15 minutes. Nuclear egg patterns were the hot pattern this morning.

Pat Dorsey reported in at noon from Long Meadow “mostly smaller fish but lots of them…”8 fish in 10 casts behind the Weir Pool.”

The really big fish are not active yet but a few more days of warm weather and the 7-8 pounders will wake up and start eating. I did see a 5-6 pounder break off at the Bridge Pool at Boxwood.

Mike McWilliams is holding a nice 19 inch Bow that guide Steve Parrott just netted.

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