Boxwood Gulch Fishing Report for Wed, 30 Jun 2010

June….the month of higher water. It scares some anglers because they never learned how to catch fish in off colored high water….We only had about 3 days of really dirty water. Many of our guides love dirty water and consider it the time to land the really big fish…and it is but we only had a few days of run-off conditions

Some big fish landed in June…28 inch Brown, 30 inch Rainbow, 8 lb Cutbow, 8 lb Brown, 19 inch Brookie. Quite a few 22 inch + fish were landed on nearly every trip.

The fish were either eating real big stuff like streamers, or size 18-20 emerger patterns. We did land some fish on Parachute Adams and Beetles.

If you want to land big fish book your next trip in June. Our guides will share their secret tricks with you for catching and landing big Trout in higher than normal off colored water.

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