Boxwood Gulch Fishing Report for Fri, 31 Aug 2012

This Black Bear provided some cute entertainment for several weeks in August.

All kinds of really large Trout were landed all month…a few typical trips:.
Aug. 1, 5 anglers, 75 landed, big fish 8lb Brown.
Aug. 10, 10anglers, 215 landed, big fish 23 inch Bow.
Aug. 17, 2 anglers, 30 landed, big fish 10 lb Bow.
Aug. 24, 8 anglers, 100 landed, big fish 23 inch Bow.
Aug. 26, 9 anglers, 125 landed, big fish 27 inch Brown about 12 lbs.

You get the idea. Fishing/catching was fantastic and it continues that way into September….the wildlife viewing was pretty darn good as well.

You can still get on a trip but you need to book it now. We expect this kind of fishing to continue until we close for the year. We will be closing sometime in late November.

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