Landing Big Fighters on the Oxbow

My day at Boxwood Gulch began much like the last time I had the privilege of fishing there this past May. I was standing at the “Convention Center,” where the oxbow begins, casting my line, when I hooked a large swedish steelhead trout. There is really nothing that can compare with the fight that the steelhead gives; pound for pound, it is the strongest fish I have caught in Colorado. And there are lots of large, strong steelhead at Boxwood Gulch in the narrow body of water known as the “Oxbow”. Landing a fish of this caliber in such a setting is as challenging and rewarding as any fishing experience gets!

Boxwood Gulch Ranch is a remarkable fishery–a jewel along the South Platte just a short drive from Denver. It is best described as a short trip to Alaska due to the fact that it is home to such a variety of huge trout: rainbows, browns, steelhead, brook trout, cutthroat and others unique to the ranch.

A day at Boxwood Gulch would hardly be complete without the guiding services of the ranches Riverkeeper, Barry Conyers. The man knows his fish and their habitat in this splendid stretch of water. He is a good friend and one hell of a great guide and fisherman. You have never really fished in Colorado until you have experienced the fishing at Boxwood Gulch. I look forward with great anticipation to my next trip to Boxwood Gulch Ranch, the best kept secret in Colorado.
With special thanks to Dan Mauritz,

Sincerely Yours,
Jim Moulton


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