Winter just will not quit. We have a few days of warm weather and then winter strikes again with snow, ice and night time temps as low as 7 degrees F. On some mornings the river is 90% covered in 2 inches of ice. The above pic is from 04-01-16 so you can see what I mean.

Who can know for sure when we will have fishable conditions? My best guess at this time is that we will shoot for opening on 04-29-16. If we can open sooner I will post it here and let all of our guides and outfitters know as well. What I can say for sure is that when we do open you will be fishing for lots of trophy size Bows, Browns, Brooks, Cuts, Tigers, & Palominos. Just like always. Your best day of fly fishing for trout will be on your next trip to Boxwood.

Please book you trip now or you may not be able to find an open date.


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