Biggest Boxwood Bow

Wayne Palinckx Catches the Biggest Bow at Boxwood
Wayne Palinckx Catches the Biggest Bow at Boxwood

Wayne Palinckx landed this huge Rainbow the last week of July.

I thought June fishing was great…well, July may have been even better, lots of fish landed including:


  • 30 inch Bow
  • 24 inch Brown
  • 5 lb Tiger
  • 17 inch Brookie
  • 16 inch Rio Grande Cut
  • 20 inch Palomino

Every Trout is a gift no matter the size. Appreciate what you have.

We think that 3 State record Tiger Trout were landed in late July early
August by 3 different anglers, on 3 different days, in 3 different areas of
the river. Look for the August fishing report for a photo of one of the
Tigers. (Note: To get an official record the fish must be killed and weighed
at a Wildlife office. Of course we were not about to do this so the State
Record Tigers are still at large at Boxwood or Long Meadow.) Congrats to the
lucky anglers who may get another chance to land a record breaking Tiger
Trout at Boxwood Gulch.

At this time of the year we get worried about having enough water in the
river to stay open without stressing out the fish. Please be extra careful,
where ever you fish. Put the fish back in the water safely…..”keep-em-wet.”


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