Mid-October Fishing Report

We have had 3 trips since re-opening on October 14th. The results have been epic both in terms of the number of fish landed and the overall quality…. and in some cases the phenomenal size.

We have 300+ cfs of gin clear water from Dillon Reservoir via Roberts Tunnel. You can see the fish in 3-4 feet of water which adds to the excitement of getting a particular fish to eat your presentation.

Your guides will have the correct bugs but these have been working especially well: Large eggs, Pheasant Tails, black and olive streamers, Hares Ear, Squirmy Worms.

Thanks to the anglers and guides for sending the photos and landing the fish….Julie with the huge Bow guided by Ashley of 5280 fame and Levi from Minturn Anglers with the beautiful Brook Trout. (Sorry no angler name available) The big Bow was landed on an “Ashley” Czech nymph.

On a side note: From angler comments…. they like it that they do not have to take their wader boots off when they come onto the patio or into the clubhouse to eat or use the bathroom.


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