Early November Fishing Report

Big bow on a streamer with guide Kirt Johnson. Fished a variety of streamers of various size, including large articulated patterns

Nice warm weather for November and the fishing/catching was hot. Your guide will have the flies you need but bring your own creations. Some good ones are:

  • worms
  • eggs
  • red copper johns
  • mercury midges
  • chocolate thunder
  • princes
  • rainbow warriors
  • white streamers
Paul had spotted several palominos throughly the day, but couldn’t trick one into eating until the last cast of the day with guide Jason Maxwell. It was his first ever palomino on a small midge.
Father & Son Brian and Ben doing some “remote learning” on the fly at Boxwood with guide Ron Pecore. Anglers used annelid patterns, leeches, and small emerging mayday patterns.
Beauty of a palomino for Ashley on a golden autumn day. An attractor prince nymph worked well all day and fooled this pretty palomino.

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